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Stoupa is a seaside village of Mani that can charm the visitor all year round. It is the most popular tourist destination not only in Lefktro but throughout Messinia. East of the village rises a castle which was the citadel of the old state Lefktro. According to Pausanias there was a temple of  Athena on the castle. The Frankish period [1204 – 1259] The castle was rebuilt and named Beaufort.The famous Nikos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas, lived in Stoupa while working in the mines of the Neo Proastion of Prastova and was where he inspired and wrote the play “Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas”.

The village has two sandy beaches, one is in the village and is known as the main beach of Stoupa and the other is the famous beach of Kalogria. In terms of tourist services in Stoupa, you can find everything. Stylish and comfortable apartments and hotels, good quality food, cafes and bars for evening entertainment and most importantly of all, people willing to serve you in whatever you need, as the natives are well known for their hospitality. Apart from the beautiful beaches, it is worth to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets from anywhere in the village.