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 Agios Nikolaos (or Selinitsa) is a picturesque harbour of Mani 3 miles away from Stoupa, sometimes with serious commercial traffic, which now serves as a wharf and anchorage for fishing boats. The name means “little moon” or little Helen. There is a small but beautifull beach with fine sand, next to the delta of the river of Pamisos Milia and opposite the island of Pefnos, birthplace of the Dioscuri. It is worth visiting the churches of St. Myron and St. Nicholas, from where the name of the village originates.
Southeast of Ag. Nikolas, is the quaint little fishing village of Agios Dimitrios with the rocky island Pefno,at which according to mythology, the Dioscuri brothers were born.They were named Castor and Pollux, and were demigods, patron of sailors and brothers of Helen. They were born from an egg that was the result of the love of Zeus who was transformed into a beautiful swan, and Leda, daughter of Glaucus, who in order to avoid him, had transformed into a goose. Pausanias said that there was a  kingdom at Pefno with king Tyndareus, father of Helen, Queen of Sparta and Clytemnestra, Queen of Mycenae.




This is also a seaside village located in Mani, 35 km south of Kalamata, and maintained as a small or large city more than 3000 years. It is a beautiful area with historical lineage retaining its ancient name and was refered by Homer as the first of the “seven well-governed and well-inhabited cities” that Agamemnon would give dowry to the marriege of Achilles and one of his daughters.
The section is also now a tourist spa town with many attractions, for Greeks and foreigners. It is where the municipal authorities are found: local court, post office, elementary school, high school, and is ever growing to accept more tourists.
It has a population of 574 inhabitants which multiplies the summer months due to the significant tourism development.
The road to the west, which starts at the High School Kardamyle leads us to a lovely pebble beach, the “Ritsa”, where paople resort to enjoy swimming.



The capital of Mani and one of the most popular villages in the region is a well-preserved village with cobblestone streets that bear live traces of past glory, preserved tower houses, hostels and guesthouses. The village center is a big square with a statue of Petrobey Mavromichali, where on Saturdays, local producers in their stalls ,sell local products. Around the main square you will find many shops, restaurants, cafes and the city library. Walk in the traditional part of the village and admire the towers (of Stylianos Mavromichali ,Kyriakoulis Mavromichali ,Barelakos and Pikoulaki).

The seaport of Areopolis,Karavostasi (or ocean Oitilo) has been developed with great hotels and restaurants, while the nearby picturesque Limeni by the sea is an ideal setting for eating fish,while in the background,you can admire the tower of Mavromichali. Areopolis and its surroundings are one of the most popular bases for excursions throughout the Mani. Stone villages with impressive towers (the Vathia and Gerolimenas are two of the most famous), small pebble beaches and stunning scenery will delight driving through, while walkers will find many excuses for hikes.



Leaving the main road just south of Areopolis, the village Pyrgos Dirou descends to the coastal location of caves Glyfada (or Vlihada), Katafygi and Alepotrypa. Beneath the ground,an unspeakable beauty is hiding , the most beautiful lake cave in the world.

It’s underground river developed in two main parallel runways with several secondary. The exploration of the cave began in 1949 by a pair of cavers John and Anna Petrocheilou the Greek Speleological Society.

In 1958 the exploitation began and  in 1963 an onshore section of 600 meters was also in use. In 1979  new sections were discovered and mapped terrestrial and lake corridors, so that today the total length reaches 6000 meters. The cave consists of stalactites and stalagmites, and was formerly a land, but over the centuries the water rose from the sea and so the formations of stalactites resemble white columns coming out of the water. No matter how many times you visit the caves Diros,you will not get enough of the eye, and will be stunned of what has been offered as a gift of nature. For 45 minutes on a winding path, the visitors are left speechless.